Crew Manning

Siri Company is a licensed crew manning agency from Iran which selects, recruits and provides qualified and experienced Iranian seafarers to ship owners and vessel managing companies since 1995.

Iranian crews selected by Siri Co. fully comply with international S.T.C.W’95 standards and are carefully checked by the Minimum Safe Manning Document for each estimated Vessel. Our seamen can easily fly to different destinations without any specific travel arrangements.

Siri Co. database contains perfectly qualified Iranian marine specialists. Our seamen are highly educated, flexible characters with fluent maritime English language. They are ready to work hard in team and can easily adapt to each ship owner specific requirements, needs, goals and vessel types.

At Siri Co. we understand that the quality of the seafarers (officers, ratings and technicians) is the most important factor which reflects on successful shipping.

Siri Company can provide to ship-owners full range of manning and crew management services, including:

  • Complete regional and international crew management, including crew planning, crew processing, database management, crew accounting (payroll and allotments) and travel arrangements.
  • Partial crew recruitment (for specified, required positions - officers, engineers and technicians)
  • Manning of vessels with minimum crew according to the requirements of the safe manning document
  • Repair squads (electricians, fitters, painters, blasters, welders, turners and etc.) for dry docking periods or whole contracts of employment
  • 24 hours / 365 days access (for ship-owners / managers) from different locations to our server - database, with “sent” seamen documents, forms, applications & etc.
  • Crew Supervision - performance evaluation and efficiency.
  • Emergency crew changes are available, due to easy travel arrangements for Iranian seafarers.
  • Each year cadet/assistant officers low cost programs are available for navigators, engineers and electricians graduating from the Technical University and  the Naval Academy.

 Siri Company can provide these services to seamen:

  • Full individual assistance in preparation of personal documents, formalities, etc. all in accordance with S.T.C.W’ 95 and international regulations.
  • Motivation, consulting, career planning, career development & employment service.
  • Full open position and vacancies details.
  • Attractive seniority bonuses in accordance with sea service/rank/experience.
  • Proper attitude with next of kin family members and vessel’s positions guaranteed monthly salary remittances.

We can also assist in taking care of and keeping records of:

  • Application forms.
  • Photographs.
  • Courses / Training.
  • All S.T.C.W 95 Certificates (approved by the Maritime Administration of Bulgaria and I.M.O).
  • Sign on / off records and receipts.
  • Preparation process for issuing visas for different countries.
  • Arrangement & issuing of Flag State documents.
  • Contracts of employment in accordance with M.L.C 2006 convention, applicable laws, regulations and collective agreements.
  • All Travel arrangements for joining and disembarking crew.
  • Agency services.
  • Medical Examinations in a licensed P&I clinic.


If you are interested in working with a licensed Crew Manning Agency from Iran or would like to receive more information about our crewing services, please do not hesitate to contact us.